Liveness Solutions

Liveness detection is a critical component of biometric authentication. It ensures security and accuracy by verifying that the presented biometric data is from a live person, not a fake source.

Verigram’s liveness detection solution is a real-time check to protect your business from fake users.


Use cases of our technology

Liveness detection technologies are used to enhance the security of login and registration procedures in any system and on any media, including entry terminals and kiosks. They are especially critical in access control systems in security-intensive industries such as airports and financial services.

By incorporating liveness detection into biometric authentication methods, it is possible to increase the reliability of identity verification and reduce the risk of unauthorized access and identity theft.


Live identity verification at registration


Easy login for apps, websites, and consoles


Live person verification at key actions


Strong bot and scam protection


Authorization for facial payment


One-time password to verify identity

How Liveness detection works?


User Image Capture

Image Processing


Liveness detection Algorithm



Fraud Detected

The user only needs to look at the camera for 1-5 seconds. Verigram algorithms will analyze a variety of factors, such as head movement in response to a challenge system or blinking if a simplified no-movement test is used.

Verigram’s methods are based on the latest computer vision and pattern recognition algorithms.

Which services use Liveness

Biometric Verification


Liveness Detection


Face Matching

Know Your Customer (KYC)


Document Check


Liveness Detection


Face Matching

Liveness in the context of biometric authentication systems refers to the ability to detect and differentiate between live individuals and artificial sources when verifying identities.


Biometric verification requires the system to ask two questions:

1. Is this a live active person?
2. Is this the person we expect to see?

For biometric verification, the system needs a reference image of the face, which it will compare with the face in the video. The face matching service is needed to confirm whether or not the faces match. 

To verify identity, the system needs the person’s document or access to a database that stores personal data, including a reference image of the face.

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Key benefits of Liveness detection

Security and Future-Proofing

Prevents types of fraud that use fakes such as photos, masks, etc. to impersonate another person. Works as a proactive measure against new methods of circumventing biometric verification.


User-friendly and lightning-fast

The intuitive interface, with tips, is easy to integrate into any application. Instant performance of the system detects human activity in a second. Works even with poor internet connection.


Cost-effective and versatile

Liveness can be used on any device with a camera, including not only smartphones and laptops, but also terminals, turnstiles and other entry systems.


Integration Options

Verigram offers customization and integration options to meet the requirements of your systems. Our integration team will help you implement the optimal solution.

Mobile SDK

Customizable SDKs for iOS and Android that are lightweight and adaptable to low quality communications.

Web SDKs

A turnkey solution with quick installation and customization.

API Integration

Use APIs to get the data you need and process the results.

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