Document Verification

Effectively onboard trusted users within seconds with accurate identity document verification.

Online document recognition and checking is a service that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to extract and verify information from documents, such as passports and driver's licenses.

Our mobile document scanner can be added to the app for any device with a camera. This protects businesses from fraud attempts and simplifies customer onboarding.

document recognition in Asia

Verify Your Customer

Identity Document Verification is used by companies and organizations to prevent fraud and verify the identity of their customers and employees. It is also used to automate tasks such as new customer onboarding and application processing.

Verigram provides a passport and ID scanning system for remote services. SDK and API embedded into a third-party application for customer verification and authentication purposes: mobile banking, online lending, payment systems, mobile and web services that require authentication.

We recommend using Verigram's Document Verification Service in combination with Facial Matching and Liveness for complex KYC processes.

Digital Process

Digital process is fully-automated to expand productivity and decrease manual work

Quick Verification

verify users within 30-60 seconds to boost conversion rates and decrease drop-offs

Accurate Results

98.67% accuracy rate of document verification results to prevent identity frauds

Customer Onboarding

Easy to use and easily integrates into your new account onboarding workflow.

Best computer vision document verification technology

Verigram uses OCR to take out important data from an ID document or passport. Verigram's OCR engine is faster than traditional OCR and provides highly accurate data extraction

  • Optical Character
  • Glare, Focus,
    and Blur Validation
  • Front-to-Back Data
  • Barcode and MRZ Data Extraction