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Identity Verification for Betting: Case Study


1XBET is a leading sports betting company in Kazakhstan. The company is committed to providing a professional, convenient, and secure betting experience for its customers.


As part of its commitment to security, 1XBET uses Verigram’s identity verification technology to verify the identity of its customers. Verigram’s technology is highly accurate and reliable, and it helps 1XBET to comply with all applicable regulations. 


In addition to providing a secure betting experience, 1XBET is also committed to providing a fast and efficient onboarding process for its customers. The Verigram integration has helped 1XBET to reduce the onboarding time for new customers by up to 80%. 


Overall, the integration of Verigram’s identity verification technology has been a success for 1XBET. The company has been able to improve its security, reduce its onboarding time, and comply with all applicable regulations. 


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