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How Verigram
help industry

With Artificial Intelligence technologies production processes are being automated. We offer production recommender systems based on historical data to support decision making

  • Equipment failure detection

    Predicting equipment failures will significantly increase the efficiency of enterprise resources utilization. Verigram's solutions will allow assessing and predicting the occurrence of equipment downtime and its duration, the enterprise will avoid costly production failure and increase equipment performance.
  • Stock Consumption Forecasting

    Predicting inventory stockout significantly reduces the number of stored resources. High efficiency of warehouse management and savings in material procurement is additional benefit of using the system
  • Wagon counting system

    Optimization of railway logistics with the help smart wagon counting system will allow obtaining objective information on the movement of wagons and locomotives on the territory of enterprise. Reduce wagon turnover time and optimize the number of locomotives, automate the counting of wagons and trains by number recognition.


  • Railway logistics

    Efficient positioning and maneuvering of wagons and trains will reduce the time of wagon turnover