Financial institutions

Adapt services to individual client's requirements

How Verigram
help financial institutions

Identity verification service reduces manual work and increases the efficiency of operational processes of onboarding new clients.

  • Document recognition

    Speeding up data entry from identity documents by 80%. Reducing entry errors up to 1%. Verigram mobile scanner processes all scanned data on the user’s mobile device itself.
  • Client Verification

    Facial recognition speeds up onboarding and identity verification in such processes as new user registration and financial transactions. High accuracy of the algorithm increases security and reduces the risk of fraud, identity theft.
  • Document scanning

    Acceleration of data entry from documents by 90%. Cost reduction by 75% for similar operations. Ease of integration into other customer services and systems


  • Currency exchange

    Recognition of id and passport with automatic data transfer to accounting system can reduce speed of clients processing and improve customer experience

  • Mobile app

    With mobile data scanner integrated into your app, clients can scan their id, permanent residency or passport. speeds up onboarding of new clients and reduces errors by up to 1%.

  • Self service kiosk

    Kiosk allows your clients to carry out transactions at any time in a convenient place. Application processing speed is reduced to several minutes.