Facial Recognition

Reliable customer onboarding with Verigram

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Easily confirmate identity

Verigram’s facial recognition is a identity recognition system for fast and accurate remote verification. The solution uses a combination of face detection, capture and recognition functions. The customer's face is compared with a reference photo from an available source. The result is a confirmation of a person's identity.


Advanced fraud defense

Motion tracking, lip sync and texture analysis are used to verify that the user is physically present


User Experience

Reduce recognition time while increasing conversion rates


Fast onboarding

It takes only one simple step to convert applicants into paying customers


Stronger Authentication

It takes only one simple step to convert applicants into paying customers

NIST accredited face recognition algorithm

Current performance based on NIST independent tests:
  • TOP40 position in global algorithm ranking
  • TOP10 in WILD
  • Only 1 error possible per 1,500,000 transactions
  • FNMR = 4.3 * 10^(-3) with FMR = 1 * 10^(-6) in the VISA section

Advantages and benefits

  • Highly reliable protection with Verigram’s face recognition

    Omit frauds, account takeovers and reduce high drop-off rates.
    • High performance.
    • Personal data privacy.
    • Over 97% of face recognition accuracy.
  • New approach to customer onboarding

    Make password-based access management a thing of the past.
    • Process acceleration.
    • Cost cutting.
    • Enhanced customer experience.

AI-powered Recognition technology

Verigram’s liveness detection uses AI, machine learning and biometrics to automate the verification process and help companies improve conversion rates and better detect fraud

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    Automatic face capture
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    1 to 1 matching
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    Saas enabled
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    Face detection system