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Singapore Fintech Festival 2022: A Recap

SFF 2022 Co-working

Key Highlights of the Festival

We immersed ourselves in the amazing atmosphere of the fintech festival and met people from leading companies in Southeast Asia and global world companies. 


Our team presented solutions in the segment of facial recognition and detection of human movements on video. 


The main goal of the festival was to create cooperation and communication between the teams, and in our opinion, this goal was achieved. Our festival participant confessed that even his cheekbones felt tired after the event, due to non-stop meetings and communication.


Trends in the Fintech Industry

One of the key topics discussed was cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Together with our colleagues, we discussed the development of technology, fraud protection, and other security issues. For us, the most interesting topic was KYC/AML procedures. The Verigram team is working on algorithms for document and face recognition, using neural networks to match data in an instant. Our algorithms have been of interest to many companies, including industry leaders.


We also managed to talk to experts from the banking and insurance sectors, many of whom focused on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues and responsible business practices.


The fast growth of the industry is always a challenge when it comes to finding talent. We paid attention to the brightest stands of different countries and regions, which are engaged in attracting talent and accelerating the growth of startups. Verigram will also continue to work with young professionals this year. You can look at engineering vacancies right now.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Online Services

The effect of COVID-19 was palpable at the Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF). It wasn't just about masks, which have long been a must-have accessory for all of us. We discussed the power of the pandemic stimulus for the evolution of online services. For example, you can now replace face-to-face meetings at banks or insurance companies with secure online document intake. Companies like Onfido, Jumio Corporation, Authme, and Cynopsis Solutions were talking about this.


Verigram also works in this direction, while our mix of services is still shorter, the algorithms themselves are tested by NIST and are in the top 10 of the overall rating. 


It is worth saying about regional investment attractiveness presentations. Indonesia was a priority for many investors and companies, and Japan, though not as well represented, has shown that it invests resources in the development of its startup community. The Singapore Fintech Association (SFA) showcased the country's most promising startups. SFA also organized a series of talks and events to highlight the potential of the local FinTech ecosystem. 


Ultimately, SFF cemented its position as a powerful event to promote a more digitized and connected economy in Southeast Asia. 



Opportunities for Networking and Collaboration

The networking opportunities at SFF 2022 were incredibly valuable. "The people who attended were open to communication, shared their expertise, and asked interesting questions, - Uakhat Bastimiyev, Co-Founder Verigram, said. - I got insights that have already become goals for our team." 


"We made sure that Verigram technologies - Liveness, Facematching, Document Recognition - are relevant and in demand in the business. But there is a lot of work ahead to make our services more accessible and of high quality for customers from different countries", - said Adlet Mukashov, Co-Founder Verigram. 


Overall, SFF 2022 was an amazing and memorable experience for everyone who came and took part in it, including us. Colleagues once again appreciated Singapore's culture, business opportunities, and commitment to remaining at the forefront of global innovation. We look forward to the next event to discuss our achievements and the evolution of the industry.

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