Liveness detection

Determine whether the person behind the screen is a real

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Ensure the integrity of biometric data

Verigram’s document verification provides passport and ID scanning system for remote services. SDK and API embedded in a third-party application for client’s verification and authentication purpose: mobile banking, online loans, payment systems, mobile and web services that require authentication


Fight facial spoof attacks

AI and machine learning models detect Forged and tampered ID documents


Liveness Detection

Facial recognition technology helps to to prevent facial spoof attacks


Accurate Results

Fast customer verification without the need for physical presence


Convert Good Customers

Confidently verify your users with more efficient process compared to in-person customer verification

Advantages and benefits

  • User-friendly conversion boosting liveness technology

    An optimized solution for users all over the world, all in record time, even with a slow internet connection
    • Fraud protection.
    • Independence from hardware.
    • Fast performance.
  • High level of protection ensures your peacefull sleep

    Protect customers biometric data with liveness
    • Reduced costs.
    • User-friendly.
    • Digital customer experience.

AI-powered Recognition technology

Verigram’s liveness detection uses AI, machine learning and biometrics to automate the verification process and help companies improve conversion rates and better detect fraud

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    Real-time Data processing
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    Anti-deepfake technology
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    Protection from facial spoof
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    Best shot capture

Use cases

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