E-KYC/AML solutions Document Recognition, and Face OTP for Vietnam

Identity verification & KYC in Seconds. Faster entry into the service, reducing fraud attempts. Get started with mobile SDK or easy API integration.

Identity verification solutions
for companies from Vietnam

Verigram software helps you automate your KYC process. The service includes necessary checks: Document Verification, Face Matching, Liveness Detection, AML screening, and a service for instant authorization — Face OTP.

Our integration team helps you quickly incorporate the right checks into your onboarding process. This will get you up and running faster, speed up online customer verification, and reduce the cost of compliance procedures.


    Reducing fraud and scam attempts


    Decrease the cost of verification


    Flexible setting of the verification flow, the choice of the service


    Low adaptive weight, allowing verification even with poor internet


    Easy for users, faster onboarding


    Avoiding typical errors in manual input

    • The solution is suitable for tasks such as

      • Customer Identification and authentication at registration
      • Customer Age verification
      • Protection against fraud attempts at risk
    • Document Authentication

      • The document is compared to the rules of the official template
      • The MRZ is checked against the document type, decoded and compared with the data extracted from the document
      • Extraction of facial images
      • Extraction of fingerprints and other security features

    Supported document types

    Vietnamese Identity Card
    Vietnamese Driving license
    Worldwide passports
    OCR for Vietnamese Language with

    99.37% Accuracy

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    Test the service on your data and evaluate the result


    Over 99%

    of face recognition accuracy.

    AI-powered Facial Recognition

    NIST accredited face recognition algorithm Current performance based on NIST independent tests:
    • TOP 10 in WILD
    • Only 1 error possible per 1,500,000 transactions
    • FNMR = 4.3 * 10^(-3) with FMR = 1 * 10^(-6) in the VISA section

    AML screening

    The service verifies the legitimacy of clients according to law enforcement databases around the world. This approach is one of the standards of security and reputation protection companies.

    What lists service watching

    • Sanctions Lists. Over 800 global criminal, national and global sanctions lists (Interpol, OFAC, HMT, FINRA).
    • PEPs (politically exposed persons). Over 1.5 million complete and continuously updated profiles on PEPs and close associates.
    • Adverse media mentions. Millions of verified articles with continuously updated data let you know in advance about the risks of working with certain clients.

    How Verigram’s KYC solution works

    Takes a photo of the document

    Verigram AI

    • OCR - Document recognition
    • Facial search and identification
    • Data extraction
    • Uploading data to the client’s system (if necessary)

    Fast authorization with Face OTP

    SMS OTP (One-Time Password using SMS) has discredited itself. This expensive login system is often subject to hacking and fraud. Globally, millions of data are often at risk because of insecure login systems.

    How to Face OTP works

    • It's an instant, comprehensive procedure that detects facial liveness, recognizes it, matches it with verified data, and creates a one-time login password. 
    • This technology greatly speeds up the log-in process for customers. It is the most convenient to use. 
    • FaceOTP shows a high level of resistance to hacking and attack attempts.

    Integration Options for your business systems

    Verigram offers customization and integration options to meet the requirements of your systems. Our integration team will help you implement the optimal solution.

      Mobile SDK

      Customizable SDKs for iOS and Android are lightweight and adaptable to low communication quality

      Web SDKs

      A turnkey solution with quick installation and customization

      API Integration

      Use APIs to get the data you need and process the results

    Industries using our software


    Fintech and Startups

    Fraud protection, faster customer verification, simplified login


    Insurance and Medicine

    Reducing manual checks, avoiding input errors, faster verification and login


    Gaming and Betting

    Fraud protection, accelerating onboarding and login


    E-comm and Sharing companies

    Automated data entry, accelerated registration, verification and login