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Accelerated customer onboarding at a dealership subsidiary by 6 times


Growth expansion of dealer network across the country


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Karina Imankulova

Product Owner of Dealer Pro Commercial Department

In this changing world, you need to be prepared for challenges, and it's important to have a professional and responsive team like Verigram as a partner.

One of the key tasks of the company is the development of distribution. The operator needed to increase the number of dealer outlets while avoiding typical problems: mistakes in filling out the questionnaire, long service times, queues, and refusal to provide several services if a subscriber came without an ID card.

"Then came the solution - to use a document recognition and identity verification solution in a mobile application for dealers," says Karina Imankulova, Product Owner of Dealer Pro Commercial Department.

Verigram was chosen as the provider because the company's solutions were already proven in the market, and the team offered flexible terms and a willingness to experiment.



Developing distribution, and increasing the number of dealerships with the fastest possible service.


Scaling services that require proof of identity through a mobile app.


The starting point is the registration of a new subscriber. Using the application with the Verigram solution, the dealer takes a photo of the ID card, and the data is immediately entered into the telecom operator's system, with no errors. Next, the dealer takes a picture of the subscriber, and the face is automatically compared to the reference image in the document. The whole process takes only a few minutes, whereas previously such a service was only available in mono-brand centers and took an average of 15 minutes. 

In addition, current subscribers no longer need to bring their passports to receive several services. For example, if a subscriber loses his or her SIM card, he or she can go to a salon and have it restored. All they need to do is look into the camera, the system will recognize the person and the operator will help solve the problem.


In the merchant application, a document recognition system was implemented to compare the face on the document with the person who presented it.

In the mobile application for customers, a liveliness check was also implemented. This service not only confirms the customer's identity but also protects against fraud attempts.


Document recognition

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Facial Recognition

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Liveness detection

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Confirming a user's identity within the application gives the customer access to several services at once. This is not the final solution yet. The company plans to expand the list of features available through the mobile app when identity is verified. This will include financial services.

Integration process

"The implementation of this solution and the overall launch of the dealer application has greatly simplified the work of our employees. And it's not just a matter of convenience; the average speed of service has increased sixfold, and the errors that always occur when filling out forms by hand have completely disappeared. The customers like it too: no paperwork, everything is quick and easy”, - says Karina Imankulova.

The integration process took about 2 months. It included testing, configuration, and integration stages. Verigram solutions are deployed inside the Tele2 infrastructure, which gives a higher level of data security.

During the process, there were some difficulties with the documentation, but the teams quickly found understanding and answers to complex questions. The services themselves launched easily and worked stably.

The software is regularly updated. The Verigram team responds quickly to feedback. "To give you an example, our neighbor, Kyrgyzstan, introduced a new type of ID card that was significantly different from the previous ones. Our system was not immediately able to recognize them, but by quickly updating the templates for the new documents, the problem was solved."

The solution used by Tele 2 can read not only national documents but also international passports, which simplifies interaction with foreign customers.

Fraud protection

The new system has made it possible to detect fraud attempts much more effectively. Most often, these are attempts to impersonate someone else, to change the photo in a passport, or to present a forged document. Such cases are detected by the biometric check.


Karina Imankulova

Product Owner of Dealer Pro Commercial Department

I am confident that online identification technology is on the cutting edge and the demand for it is only going to grow. Most companies are thinking about how best to use it because it greatly simplifies the work of employees, eliminates a painful chore, makes life easier for customers, and protects companies from fraud and risk.

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