Using AI to Improve Customer Experience

Using AI to Improve Customer Experience


Digital access to the company’s services was connected


Customer registration time was reduced


The process of updating and actualization of the historical database of the company’s clients was launched



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Identity proofing with a digital service is becoming a familiar story, it offers significant customer service benefits. Connecting an experienced vendor, such as Verigram, reduces time and costs of service development and integration


Alexander Gryadkin

Project Manager of the integration team of Kazakhtelecom JSC

Challenges in choosing a vendor:

  • Organize a secure and fast way for subscribers to sign up online
  • Provide digital access to the company’s services for current customers
  • Ensure a high level of data security, with all processing taking place on the company’s internal servers

About the Company

Kazakhtelecom JSC is the largest telecommunications operator in Kazakhstan. The company provides a wide range of services, including fixed telephony, mobile communications, internet and television. In recent years, the company has been actively introducing artificial intelligence (AI) to improve customer experience. One example of the use of AI is the introduction of document recognition and personal identification services.



When the company began its vendor search, it faced two key business challenges:

  • Updating and keeping up-to-date the database on customers, including customer identification data within the company's technological loop
  • Connecting the option of online registration of new customers of Kazakhtelecom.

At that time, digitalization in the company was gaining momentum, and we were striving for digitization of customer paths as much as possible


Alexander Gryadkin

Project Manager of the integration team of Kazakhtelecom JSC

Earlier, to become a client, a person had to come to the company’s office with an ID card. There, a consultant entered data about the future customer into the CRM system, checked the photo in the document with the person and then connected to the services. The other user path was organized through the call center and transferred the scanned version of documents via messengers. Both processes were time-consuming for both customers and consultants.

The task of the new service was to ensure that a potential customer could go through this process online quickly and safely, while the consultants were relieved of the routine tasks of retyping data.

Initially, the company considered two vendors, analyzing functionality and resistance to fraudulent attacks. As a result, the team chose Verigram’s solution because it met the requirements for service architecture, security, and price.

Solution: online customer verification

The process of identity verification, which used to be carried out by the subscriber with the help of an operator, has now become automatic. Recognition of documents, face matching and many other things are directly handled by services based on artificial intelligence.

Kazakhtelecom’s team simultaneously introduced new opportunities in mobile applications and on the portal for clients, where the Customer’s Personal Cabinet is located. Now a customer goes through the procedure from a smartphone within a couple of minutes and gets access to self-service services — remote payment, tariff change, control over services and other opportunities.

Another important task was solved in parallel. «Kazakhtelecom has been operating in the market for 30 years. During this time the team has formed a significant client base. The Company takes care of its customers» data and strives to provide a high level of service to all, which is why it was important to create a comfortable and safe way to digital opportunities for the telecom operator.

Every customer registered even many years ago, can access the Personal Cabinet on the portal or in the mobile application. Technically, linking a customer’s number and their credentials in CRM is easy, but they need trusted checks to confirm that the phone number is still owned by the person it is registered to. The team also used Verigram algorithms to accomplish this task.



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Face matching

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Document recognition

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Results: fast and convenient digital ways

When the company began its vendor search, it faced two key business challenges:

  • Potential customers can become subscribers of the company fully online, without involving an operator in the office or call center
  • The process of updating and actualization of a significant database of customers is actively underway
  • Digital data services have become more secure and resistant to fraud attempts.

Thanks to the introduction of document recognition and identity identification services, the company has managed to reduce the time to connect to services several times and improve the customer experience.

«Regarding security, we have not encountered any major fraud stories since integrating the solution. This demonstrates the high reliability of Verigram services,» Kazakhtelecom emphasized.

Solution integration

Technical integration of the service took 2 weeks. The whole process took about two months. It included legal procedures, security checks and testing of the automated solution.

The teams interacted remotely, but the engineers and support specialists stayed in constant contact with each other. This helped to quickly resolve any issues that arose when checking the operation of the service and discussing additional settings.

When you have a manager around you who can answer and resolve issues quickly, it’s worth a lot. And our manager Verigram was always in touch, not a single call or message was ignored. The professionalism of the developers was also at a high level, all the issues that arose in the process were all promptly resolved


Alexander Gryadkin

Project Manager of the integration team of Kazakhtelecom JSC


Using Verigram's AI-based services for document recognition and personal identification has several advantages:

  • High accuracy and speed of recognition
  • Ability to identify individuals remotely
  • High level of security
  • Reduced costs for processing customer data

The introduction of such services enabled Kazakhtelecom to significantly simplify and speed up the process of customers' connection to the services, increase the level of data security and improve customer experience.

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