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Verigram qualified for Smart Zholy

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Victory in Smart Zholy program is valuable for our company because we submitted for participation for a second time.


Smart Zholy

Smart Zholy program is an opportunity for young Kazakhstan IT specialists to present their own products, services, and ideas to Asian companies, venture capital funds, and the local community. 


The program was launched by the First President's Fund and has been in operation since 2017. During this time 18 teams have passed through it.

You can go and present both a ready-made service and an idea. Guys from venture funds or the company's innovation department will listen to you and give constructive feedback. 


Experience that participants of the program gain are colossal. You are pulled out of your own "swamp" and thrown into another. But another swamp is more active and more enthusiastic. The door of a large and real IT conference is open and there are thousands of like-minded people from Southeast Asian region. The atmosphere sparkles with positive IT energy. You can meet PayPal, Amazon, Apple representatives looking for solutions to operational problems. Corporate bosses is also here. Make a deal in 30 minutes - you’ll be ready. But we will write about this in the review at the Echelon Asia Summit 2019.


We didn’t take document recognition on devices

Interest in Computer Vision and Machine Learning technologies is high. Verigram knows this for sure.


We thought about an impressive idea to surprise the audience and went through various options. Identity verification with facial recognition technology is already at its peak and no one will be surprised at Summit. Scanning and text recognition from IDs and passports is a done thing. 


We automate business using Artificial Intelligence technologies in B2B. We love the idea of ​​selling services to businesses, especially small and medium enterprises. We believe that these are ideal clients because:

  • they lack innovation in their day to day work; 
  • they are ready to try inexpensive services without signing contracts for 2 or more months; 
  • it is important for them to get results and solve the Problem; 
  • there are dozens of SMEs.


We took “Smart video assistant”

We stopped on a smart video assistant for e-comm to pitch on. The following factors influenced the Idea:

  • Marketplace building experience; 
  • Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Deep Learning as an integral part; 
  • The market of 23 million potential customers from small and medium-sized companies; 
  • The real Problem and the headache of SMEs; 
  • An audience to test the hypothesis and get serious relevant feedback (funds, business representatives)


We started preparing the pitch and planning the trip. 
May 23-24 see you at Echelon Asia Summit 2019 

Read more about the Smart Zholy contest and the finalists in Caravan.

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