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Start of a new Artificial Intelligence company

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On a spring Almaty day of 2017, the chakras of our company opened. Yes, yes, a new company that will develop technology products in the field of Cognitive science.  

Why did we want to be engaged in a startup, and not implement these ideas in previous jobs?

Hard workers gathered together, who at their former places of work were completely committed to work. It was physically impossible to combine a startup and regular job from 9 to 6 (and in fact from 10 to 21, plus no day-offs). Trying to implement your ideas at work is difficult - there are other priority business areas and you must deal with them here and now. They did not correlate with our ideas. Therefore, the question stood squarely - either to continue working or to start a startup.     
You know the answer :)  

Why did we choose cognitive sciences?

Guys with technical skills majored in this area. Together we saw the huge potential of this business direction. The wave of Artificial Intelligence was advancing and getting higher. We wanted to ride it.  

What is Artificial Intelligence for us?

Our vision for Artificial Intelligence needs to be understood in a narrow and strictly applied context.     
In a broad sense, Artificial Intelligence is a computer (or system) capable of imitating human actions. For example, observe an action or interpret information.     
In a narrow sense, Artificial Intelligence is the automation of an indivisible routine operation performed by a person. For example, transfer text from a paper version of a document to an electronic one. The transfer of such information must be efficient, i.e. go faster and take less time.  

Artificial intelligence has a large number of areas, what exactly will we do?    

We decided to concentrate on Computer vision technology. A person receives most of the information through the eyes. A large amount of human daily work involves the use of eyes. We want to help people use their time more efficiently and transfer routine operations to a computer.  

What tools will we use?    

If we talk about the business component, then hypotheses will be tested using the Business Model Canvas. The technical work will be based on Machine learning and Computer vision algorithms.  

We plan to cover our activities in detail and describe in detail working cases (as far as the NDA will allow).  

There is not enough information in the field of Artificial Intelligence on the Asian steppe expanses. Verigram will try to fill this gap.  

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