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Decoding digital identities: Uakhat Bastimiyev's journey and Verigram's fight for security


Tech CEO Bastimiyev shared his journey in a recent interview. He discussed challenges like data acquisition and talent, his own transformation to a leader, and advancements in document recognition with AI. He sees data privacy as key in EKYC, envisioning a future with user control over digital identities.

Some highlights: 

Journey of Innovation: Starting as a software developer and transitioning into an IT consultant, Uakhat embarked on the Verigram journey in 2017, driven by a passion for emerging technologies, particularly AI.


Challenges in the AI Space: From acquiring large datasets for model training to building a dedicated team amid fierce competition for top tech talent, Uakhat highlighted the hurdles faced in the initial stages.


Evolution of Tech: Delving into document recognition technology, Uakhat emphasized the transformative impact of AI on fraud detection. The rise of deep fakes poses challenges, but AI remains a key player in online user verification.


Future Trends in eKYC: Identifying data privacy as a crucial trend, Uakhat envisions a future where individuals have greater control over their digital identities. Initiatives like Worldcoin aim to empower users with control over how their identity is used online.


For a deeper dive into Verigram’s journey and the evolving landscape of AI, read the full interview.

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