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Business Automation with Artificial Intelligence by using Verigram Services

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What does Verigram do?

Verigram automates the company's business processes related to the processing and recognition of text in documents, verification, and registration of customers using Artificial Intelligence technology (Machine Learning and Computer Vision). Every day we improve the software, which is adapted to the numerous requirements of the client.


What products does Verigram have?

Recognition of identity documents: recognition of text data from identity card (ID card) and passport (passport for external travel, international passport). Checking for signs of document compromise in photographs.


Face recognition: client identification and verification based on facial images from documents, databases and selfies.


How does the service for recognizing identity documents work

A mobile SDK installed on a smartphone automatically scans text data and transfers it to an electronic format. Scanning and recognition of documents occur in the video stream on the device itself. There is no need to manually enter information into the user's profile.


How does the facial recognition service work

The client takes a selfie using a mobile SDK, the Computer Vision system extracts the face from the image and compares it with a photo that was automatically extracted from an identity document or was available in an internal database. Thus, biometric verification of the user takes place.


What is the business benefit?

Customer onboarding is a long process that users go through when they start a journey as a customer of a financial institution (customer journey). In fact, onboarding is interaction and communication between the client and the company. This process is critical because customer loyalty, customer experience, and his recommendations to new potential customers depend on him. All this ultimately affects the revenue of the organization.


Verigram services automate part of the customer onboarding business processes. For example, you can speed up the process of registering a client in branches, or provide a new way - to register a client remotely and open a bank account with a card issued in addition.


Advantages received by the company:

  • Reduce data entry errors by up to 1%. On average, errors reach 5-9% of the total data volume
  • Reducing the number of paper copies of documents
  • Increase the speed of customer service and self-service by 50%


Customer case study

We are proud to work with the telecom operator Beeline. The company has embarked on a difficult path to digitize business processes and reduce operating costs. Serious events are impossible without the automation of routine tasks. The VeriDoc ID recognition service has reduced the time it takes to process customer requests from 5 minutes to 1. The freed up the time of employees allowed Beeline to improve the quality of work with customers and increase the number of processed subscribers' requests by 30% to 450,000 per month.



Verigram adheres to a flexible pricing model to cover the wider market. Sometimes we provide a trial period, when the client can test the service for free before buying.



Verigram has five founders with relevant business and technology competencies. Average experience - 10+ years in the industry. Most of the team received academic knowledge in Europe and has international work experience.


Future plans

We hope that more and more companies will recognize the need for business automation. The use of Artificial Intelligence helps not only to reduce costs and speed up work but also to reach a new level of technological development. This competitive advantage will allow Kazakhstan companies to be on par with Western ones. Companies can reap millions of dollars in benefits.

Details in the article by Maria Galushko

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