CCTV provides a huge stream of data that must be processed and used to solve business problems. This process can be carried out at this time quite easily, without requiring the human efforts of the store staff. Machine Learning and Computer Vision algorithms are able to detect customers, goods, and price tags on the received images on their own. Transform regular in-store video into valuable insights
Queue length detection

Checkout queue detection

Queue management

Eliminate long queues and reduce client waiting times. Checkout counter throughput improves and contributes to increased customer loyalty and better experience.

Extreme precision

High accuracy of our AI based system allows to detect people and shopping carts, baby trolleys and precisely calculates the length of queues. System counts people who remain in the selected area for a while and doesn't count passer-by. The accuracy of determining queue length is 95%.

Event notifications

Email or phone notification occurs when the number of people or shopping carts in a queue exceeds the predefined threshold. It reduces the response time to take the necessary actions of in-store employees.


Queue length can be viewed in real time or through web reports. Convenient reports on the current number of people in the queue and the number leaving the line are available for further analysis and are call for action.
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Brick and mortar store
Brick and mortar store
Verigram software is compatible with the existing CCTV hardware. Retail video analytics will allow to correctly understand in-store cashiers workload and improve customer service. Stores will increase the efficiency of utilization staff
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