In which industries your solutions could be applied?
Verigram solutions are applied across many verticals. We mainly focus on retail, the financial sector, and telecommunications. Moreover, we have experience in implementing industrial artificial intelligence in manufacturing companies in the near abroad.
How much does the VeriDoc SDK cost?
We offer our packages on the basis of annual licenses and tailor our solutions individually to the needs of each of our customers. Please get in touch regarding your individual offer.
Can I see VeriDoc's technology in action?
Absolutely, please take a look at our product demos for mobile apps and websites/web apps at industries pages.
What platforms does the VeriDoc SDK support?
Our SDK is natively developed for iOS, Android, and Xamarin. The sample code can be found in our documentation.
What languages are supported?
VeriDoc supports the recognition of alphanumeric Latin-based and Cyrillic characters. It does not read Arabic, Chinese, Thai, or similar languages (…yet).
Which ID-documents and regions are supported by the VeriDoc SDK?
The VeriDoc SDK extracts information from ID-cards, passports, and visas. It works with the two-line standards TD-3 and TD-2 as well as the three-line standards TD-1, MRV-A, and MRV-B.
Can your solution be applied on the website?
Yes, the service for recognition and scanning of documents VeriDoc can be delivered both as an SDK and as a server solution for integration on the customer's side. We offer new clients to use the services of personal identification as the service model (software as a service).
How do you work with a client?
The work begins with a preliminary discussion of the potential client's business processes. The current problems or goals of the potential customer are announced. Possible solutions are being worked out jointly. Perhaps a solution to the problem already exists on the market and we will simply point it out.
What customer engagement is required?
The customer work along with Verigram at the stage of goal setting, analysis of existing data/infrastructure, and integration into a business process that is automated.
How does your document recognition application work?
The service for scanning and recognizing identity documents can work both on a mobile device and be embedded in a website. The service user scans the document using VeriDoc, then the trained neural network automatically recognizes all the necessary data and transfers it for storage to the internal system.
Does your software know how to recognize passports?
Yes, the document recognition service VeriDoc can recognize both passports and other supporting documents (residence permit, identity card).
You use third-party services or the service was developed by yourself?
Our applications are developed by experienced specialists in the field of computer vision and machine learning. All developments are the property of Verigram
Where data recognition is happening after scanning?
Document's data is recognized locally on the device when using the mobile SDK. If the web version of the service is used, the data is recognized on the server. After processing, the data is transferred to the CRM / ERP system.
Can the application run under Xamarin?
Our solutions work on mobile devices running IOS, Android, and Xamarin. We plan to release a solution for Flutter
Why Verigram should be used over Google vision or Amazon AWS?
VeriDoc mobile scanning and data recognition service processes documents in a video stream in real-time, this gives the best user experience. When using Google's ML Kit service, you will only work with user-made images. According to our practice, up to 20% of negative scenarios are associated with the fact that the user provided an incorrect image.
In Verigram services, the percentage of such cases is reduced to 1-2%
What areas do you do besides this?
We make ML forecasts for various events, For example, for forecasting sales.
Neural networks can reveal non-linear patterns with various factors that cannot be identified using statistical approaches and expert methods.
What are neural networks?
In a very simplified way, a neural network is a computer program that works on the principle of the human brain: it processes input data through a system of "neurons" - simpler programs that interact with each other, and then outputs the result of calculations based on this interaction, plus the experience and errors of past launches programs.
What is the main difference between Verirgram solutions and analogues created by major companies such as ABBYY, SmartEngines and others?
We provide a complete service, not just sell software. This means that end-users do not just receive the finished product, but they see weaknesses in the business process. Also, after the launch of the project, if the customer is ready to develop their own competencies in artificial intelligence, we are ready to consider the option of a complete transfer of software for subsequent independent improvements.
Our team of engineers has degrees and work experience in the largest companies, which means that the customer will receive working and verified solutions using the most relevant methods and approaches from the field of machine learning.
Development speed, ease of integration with the developed system, and quality of support will facilitate the work of the customer's IT specialists.