VeriLive will determine if the person behind the screen is real
VeriLive is a system for determining whether a biometric sample belongs to a living person and for protecting against forgery. The client undergoes a liveness detection process where his reality is determined using camera data. Liveness detection helps to secure data from fraud and ensure the integrity of biometric data. VeriLive will answer the question, "Is this a real person?"

VeriLive liveness detection is used in combination with our VeriFace® facial recognition technology and is in the early stages of market introduction.
How fast VeriLive can be connected
Checking our API is easy. After you have filled out the application, you will receive an email from Verigram. Just copy and paste the required test system code. Done.
Fraud protection
The VeriLive system ensures fraud protection. By answering the question, "Is the person in front of the camera real?", it secures biometric data and protects against identity spoofing. The liveness detection system eliminates popular types of attacks: 2D paper photos and digital images; image swapping after liveness verification; paper masks with cutouts for eyes and mouth; sleeping users with their eyes closed; and high-definition video.

Independence from hardware
The VeriLive system works with various types of equipment because it is based on software. No special equipment such as an infrared camera or special depth sensors are required. With conventional cameras, the system detects photos exposed in front of the camera.
Fast performance
The VeriLive cloud solution performs all compute processes on the highly available Verigram infrastructure, making your application better without burdening it with extra work. Ensure rapid scalability of your online services without overloading your own servers.
Digital customer experience
By providing your customers with a modern digital experience using artificial intelligence, you are improving customer loyalty and creating a unique service experience. Identification through biometrics will always be sensed as the modern future. The ability to use the solution on a wide range of devices will only extend that feeling (websites, mobile apps, ATMs, kiosks)
Fast processes
Onboarding with VeriLive will significantly speed up your business processes. The system will determine by itself whether there has been identity fraud or any fraudulent activity is taking place. Involvement of company employees in this process is eliminated.
Reduced costs
VeriLive will reduce the cost of business processes that required direct customer service from company employees. Remote customer registration reduces the cost of service offices, as everything is done through the app/website online.
Solution options
Mobile devices
Mobile devices
Work stations
Work stations
Financial institutions