We register new clients 10 times faster than a clerk
VeriDoc is a passport & ID scanning and face recognition system for remote service. SDK / API embedded in a third-party application for biometric verification and face authentication: mobile banking, online loans, payment systems, mobile, and web services that require two-factor authentication.
How fast Veridoc can be connected
Checking our API is easy. After you have filled the application, you will receive an email from Verigram. Just copy and paste the required test system code. Done!
Client experience
Add a unique customer service experience to your processes. Providing services using remote identification is a new experience for many customers. Surprise customers with the most technological journey they've ever had. Use VeriDoc to create new experiences for your customers.
Fast processes
Take advantage of the fastest and most reliable identification of documents and faces. Optimize your processes by adding the fastest video stream document recognition to your mobile app. The increased processing speed of personal data will reduce the waiting time for your customers. It will also give you more time to focus on improving other processes in your company.
Reduced costs
Reduce human error and the cost of physical service offices by providing it remotely. VeriDoc will run on smart devices and the website, so you don't spend money on sales and service offices. This reduces the cost of equipment for scanning documents, employees and their training. VeriDoc's high accuracy reduces errors in your processes. Secure remote customer service means more transactions and more profit.
Fast performance
Embed VeriDoc into your apps and verify customers instantly with biometric identification. With VeriDoc you will reduce the time for remote customer verification. It provides you with almost instant recognition results. Average recognition time takes less than half a second.
High-precision recognition
VeriDoc excludes human error from your processes. This means that the accuracy of text recognition with a camera will be higher than manual verification. Use VeriDoc for the most reliable remote customer service.
Secure data transmission
We do not store or send your data to the cloud during processing. Since the recognition will happen on devices or servers, the data doesn't leave your infrastructure if you don't want to. This means the results are never shared with any external servers, only your own.
Solution options
Mobile devices
Mobile devices
Work stations
Work stations
Financial institutions