Make the move from in-store to online checkouts.
Verigram's AI based technology enables customer registration become an automatic process, which speeds up operational processes and eliminates manual data entry. Remote identification, recognition of identity documents and SIM cards will improve experience of telecom customers.
ID Recognition
SIM card reader
Identity Verification

Digital customer onboarding

Document recognition

Automatic ID recognition reduces manual work and provides a digital onboarding experience for clients. All data are transmitted with high speed and accuracy to information systems. Using the service increases the efficiency of data input and data management.

Client verification

Remote identification is a new experience for the client. Thus, there is no need for direct contact of employee and client. The onboarding process is fully digital, which increases the security of clients' personal data.

Optical Character Recognition

SIM card scanner

Verigram's service automatically scans and recognizes sim card with mobile device. A convenient way for data input allows your employees to improve the quality of work, and for clients to get a service in digital way 
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Mobile app
Mobile app
Digital onboarding will shorten the time and increase the efficiency of new customer registration. Provide new, innovative digital experiences for customers.
Self service SIM card kiosk
Self service SIM card kiosk
Kiosk allows your customers to register for a new SIM card at any time. Client registration and dispense of a SIM card takes place in a convenient location in a few minutes. The client needs an ID or passport
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